Under a Wing: A Memoir by Reeve Lindbergh

Under a Wing: A Memoir

by Reeve Lindbergh


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The world knew Charles Lindbergh as a daring aviator, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and controversial isolationist during World War II. His wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, was a bestselling author. To their five children, they were Father -- never Daddy -- and Mother. Charles, a stern yet loving father, was surprisingly affectionate and playful; Anne provided a great, gentling love. With remarkable candor, their youngest daughter provides a rare, intimate look at her legendary family...the pervasive impact of her brother's kidnapping and death...her parents' long, loving, but complicated marriage...the night her life and her mother's converged, as Reeve's own infant son died suddenly. With grace and insight, Reeve Lindbergh appraises her remarkable parents, her unusual childhood, and the troubling questions that remain. At once an eloquent reminiscence and a slice of American history, Under a Wing is, at its core, a heartfelt tribute to an extraordinary family.

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