Ultimate Techniques and Tactics by James Parinella,Parinella,Eric Zaslow

Ultimate Techniques and Tactics

by James Parinella, Parinella, Eric Zaslow


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Improve your poaches, hone your hucks, and sharpen your cuts. With "Ultimate Techniques & Tactics" as your guide, you will master all of the offensive and defensive skills and principles critical to excelling in the sport.

This essential handbook contains more than the mechanics of the game; it presents in-depth instruction on using key skills such as throwing, cutting, and catching in game situations. You will

-study flight paths to maximize your chances of completing passes;

-understand the finer points of catching; and

-learn when, where, and how to cut to gain yardage, improve disc position, and maintain possession. You will also stun your opponents when your team employs the offensive and defensive strategies learned in "Ultimate Techniques & Tactics." Use your complete knowledge of offensive skills to organize such offenses as zone, stack, weave, and split stack. And when every point matters, create an impenetrable line of defense to save the game. Disrupt your competitors' rhythm and timing using one-on-one, zone, or junk defenses like the clam.

"Ultimate Techniques & Tactics" is the first and best guide to the sport of Ultimate. Use it to become an Ultimate champion

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