Topsy-Turvy Optical Illusions by Al Seckel

Topsy-Turvy Optical Illusions

by Al Seckel


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Presenting the largest, most incredible collection of topsy-turvy optical illusions ever created, with a stunning mix of classics and previously unpublished designs Topsy-turvys all contain two different images in one picture--you just have to look carefully to see them both. "Vanishing Rabbit," for example, is pure magic: one moment the bunny's in the magician's hat, and the next, it's gone, leaving just the conjurer. Are those "ladies" in the "Bearded Girls" illusion? Turn the page upside down and check again--now they've turned into bearded men. "Courtship and Matrimony," a nineteenth-century satirical card, gives a before and after view of marriage. The variety of art styles ranges from cartoon to classical, and every illustration has a fun surprise.

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