To Ride Pegasus by Anne McCaffrey

To Ride Pegasus

by Anne McCaffrey


Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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When a freak accident furnishes solid scientific proof of paranormal mental abilities, the world reacts with suspicion and fear. How can ordinary people coexist with a minority able to read minds, heal with a touch, peer into the future, or move objects with a thought? How can anyone with such power be trusted not to abuse it? Harsh repression seems the only answer.Gifted with precognitive talent, Henry Darrow has other ideas, foreseeing a future in which the Talents are accepted for what they are and what they can offer their fellow humans. But the road to that future will not be easy. Darrow and the powerful telepath Daffyd op Owen must win the public's trust while overcoming the threat of rogue Talents like Solange Boshe, a young girl so consumed with hatred that her thoughts can kill, and the singer known as Amalda, whose telepathic prowess can unite a thousand strangers in joyful harmony -- or mold them into a bloodthirsty mob...

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