Time: Planet Earth: An Illustrated History by Time Magazine

Time: Planet Earth: An Illustrated History

by Time Magazine


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TIME joins scientists in the field, visits with indigenous people and consults with experts to report on the biggest story of this year and every year: Planet Earth. And we visit the Earth's extremes: the longest rivers, tallest mountains and driest deserts on the planet. This beautifully illustrated volume, featuring the work of award-winning photographers, presents a portrait of our wondrous planet-and of all the beings that call it home-that is revelatory, awe-inspiring and essential. .Perfect for those who want simply to enjoy beautiful photographs or those who want to learn the history, geology, geography, and life forms on this planet .Divided into broad major sections, containing spreads that function as individual units and as a larger theme .Includes fascinating, informative graphic spreads from TIME's celebrated graphic artists-from the science of wildfires to what happens inside a hurricane .Features multiple points of entry: a spread might contain three or four sidebars-trivia, definitions, scientific debates, history, locations, Top Ten lists-all guaranteed to add fun and information

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