The Sweet Spot by Kayla Perrin

The Sweet Spot

by Kayla Perrin


Categories: Romance

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The Sweet Spot has nothing to do with football. . . .

Just ask Kahari Brown, one of the NFL's sexiest stars. He knows how to handle a football, and always thought he had a way with the ladies. But his smooth moves "off" the field are only getting him into hot water these days.

And no one is hotter than Zoe Andrews. When she thrusts a mic in his face and asks him if he's the father of a crazy fan's baby, he's ready to tackle her and toss her out of the locker room on her shapely butt. But there's something about Zoe . . .

Zoe's Rule Number One: Never Date an Athlete

Zoe will do anything to make it as a top sports reporter, even ask the controversial question that puts her toe to toe with Kahari. Still, she can't help noticing that the brother is mighty fine. Now the heat is on and Zoe is wondering if she should have fanned the flames, because she's falling for Kahari's charm -- something she swore she'd "never" do. Yet it's hard to resist his smooth moves, making Zoe wonder, is he sweet-talking his way into her heart for love -- or for something else?

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