The Official Treasures of the National Football League by James Buckley,Jim Gigliotti,Roger Goodell

The Official Treasures of the National Football League

by James Buckley, Jim Gigliotti, Roger Goodell


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Whether you follow the NFL through its players, its teams, or through the spectacle that is the Super Bowl, this book will be your excellent guide. Each decade of the NFL is covered in detail, along with important milestones throughout its history. Learn how the Super Bowl began and how the T-formation revolutionized the game. Find out how Vince Lombardi won games--and how Bill Belichick did the same decades later. Discover the connections between TV and football that created the most successful partnership in sports. But more than the stories, facts, and stats--in this book, you'll feel and experience tangible connections. Read about Johnny Unitas winning the "Greatest Game Ever Played" ... and see the jersey he wore doing it. Crunch opposing runners with Dick Butkus and see the helmet he used while doing just that. Explore how the NFL is spreading around the globe and see the first football used in an international regular-season game. Throughout this book, you'll get the unique opportunity to hold history in your hands. In many places, you'll find pockets, slips, or envelopes containing facsimiles of some of the most important and influential documents in NFL history. From the minutes of the league's first meeting to programs and tickets from its biggest games to modern objects such as draft cards, these one-of-a-kind items will leap from the pages of history--and this book--right into your fingers. The NFL experience is a visual one for millions, and now in this book, it's a tactile one for you. Though of course, you won't have to worry about getting tackled ... unless it's by your kids fighting to get their turn with the book. Settle in for a trip through 80-plus years of heroes, villains, innovators, and champions. They only play once a week, after all. You need to have something to do between games.

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