The Neon Bible by John Kennedy Toole

The Neon Bible

by John Kennedy Toole


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John Kennedy Toole, who won a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for his best-selling comic masterpieceA Confederacy of Dunces, wroteThe Neon Biblefor a literary contest at the age of sixteen. The manuscript languished in a drawer and became the subject of a legal battle among Toole's heirs. It was only in 1989, thirty-five years after it was written and twenty years after Toole's suicide at thirty-one, that this amazingly accomplished and evocative novel was freed for publication.The Neon Bibletells the story of David, a young boy growing up in a small Southern town in the 1940s. David's voice is perfectly calibrated, disarmingly funny, sad, shrewd, gathering force from page to page with an emotional directness that never lapses into sentimentality. Through it we share his awkward, painful, universally recognizable encounter with first love, we participate in boy evangelist Bobbie Lee Taylor's revival, we meet the pious, bigoted townspeople. From the opening lines ofThe Neon Bible,David is fully alive, naive yet sharply observant, drawing us into his world through the sure artistry of John Kennedy Toole.

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