The Lamp: Just Believe. by Jim Stovall,Tracy J. Trost

The Lamp: Just Believe.

by Jim Stovall, Tracy J. Trost


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A sharply intelligent novelist, Stanley has everything--a successful career, a beautiful
home, and a loving wife and son. But when his little boy is killed in a tragic accident,
Stanley cannot accept his loss, and proceeds to poison his marriage and everything
around him with his bitterness and grief. Two years have passed since the tragedy,
Stanley is on the verge of leaving Lisa, his long-suffering spouse, and he hasn't written a
word since the death of his son. But a visit from a mysterious and magical messenger,
who offers him three wishes, just may reawaken Stanley's hope for the future. With a little
help from a couple of needy foster kids next door, Stanley and Lisa find that all their
wishes can come true if they just believe.

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