The Histories by Robin Waterfield,Polybius,Brian McGing

The Histories

by Robin Waterfield, Polybius, Brian McGing


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Here is the first new translation for over thirty years of Polybius' Histories, the major source for our knowledge of the Eternal City's early rise to power, covering the years of the Second Punic War, the defeat of Hannibal, and Rome's pivotal victories in the Mediterranean. Polybius, himself a leading Greek politician of the time, attributes Rome's success to the greatness of its constitution and the character of its people, but also allows Fortune a role in shaping world events. This new translation by Robin Waterfield includes the first five books in their entirety, and all of the fragmentary Books 6 and 12. Brian McGing's lucid introduction discusses the period covered by the Histories, Polybius' major role in the reconstruction of Greece after the defeat of the Achaean League, the themes and subject matter of the individual books, Polybius' outspoken views on how (and how not), and his significance for historiography. The book also includes succinct, clear notes, maps, a glossary, and an index of proper names.

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