The Hardball Handbook: How to Win at Life by Christopher Matthews

The Hardball Handbook: How to Win at Life

by Christopher Matthews


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With his more than forty years' experience observing people and politicians in our nation's capital-ten of those years on "Hardball," five nights a week-Chris Matthews has learned from the pros what it takes to be a success. Now Matthews shows us what we can learn from the world's most accomplished people and, more important, how we can emulate their best habits to improve our own lives.
In The Hardball Handbook, Chris Matthews focuses on four areas-friendship, rivalry, reputation, and success-and shows how we can cull the best traits of others and use them ourselves. Matthews takes us on a raucous road trip through political history and points out the best-and worst-behaviors of some of its most notable characters. Written in the assertive, good-natured style that is Matthews's trademark, each chapter has something to teach us. Here are a few truths from The Hardball Handbook:
- People would rather" "be listened to than listen.
- People don't mind being used; what they mind is being discarded.
- People are more loyal to the people they've helped than the people they've helped are loyal to them.
- Not everyone's going to like you.
- No matter what anybody says, nobody wants a level playing field.
Once you understand these and other universal truths-and how to make them work for you-you'll be ready to win at life.

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