The Ghostwriter Secret by Mac Barnett,Adam Rex

The Ghostwriter Secret

by Mac Barnett, Adam Rex


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Steve Brixton is fast becoming America's top detective. After saving the United States of America in "The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity," he has opened his own agency. Steve gets a call to solve the case of the Fairview diamond but it turns into an even bigger mystery. MacArthur Bart, author of Steve's beloved Bailey Brothers series, has been kidnapped And there is only one 12-year-old detective who can find him. But not without the help of his best chum Dana and The Bailey Brothers Detective Handbook. Full of run-ins with goons, bullys, and the B. Syndicate (or is that Bee Syndicate?), "The *Ghostwriter Secret" will keep everyone laughing with suspense.

*Please note Steve encounters no specters in the course of this book.

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