The Bell Bandit by Jacqueline Davies

The Bell Bandit

by Jacqueline Davies


Categories: Children's Books

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"For as long as Jessie could remember, New Year's Eve meant staying at Grandma's house and the long slow climb to the top of Lovell Hill where the trees parted and the sky opened and there stood the old iron bell hanging on its heavy wooden crossbeam." " " Everything about this trip to Grandma's house was different: First, because of the fire, Mrs. Treski, Evan, and Jessie had driven up to Grandma' two days "after" Christmas instead of the day "before," missing Christmas with Grandma entirely."" Second, the fire had left a hole in the back kitchen wall big enough to drive a car through And with Grandma in the hospital and not in her house, everything felt off. Third, someone had climbed the long slow slope of Lovell Hill to the top and had stolen the old iron bell hanging on its heavy wooden crossbeam. Who on earth would steal a New Year's Bell? And "how" could Grandma, Mrs. Treski, Evan, Jessie, and their neighbors ring in the New Year without it? In this third book about the unforgettable brother-sister duo of "The""Lemonade War" series, Ms. Davies once again reveals just how good she is at understanding the complex emotions of children this age as she explores issues of profound change.

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