The Art of War by Sun Tzu,Shawn Conners,Lionel Giles

The Art of War

by Sun Tzu, Shawn Conners, Lionel Giles


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This deluxe hardcover edition of "The Art of War" presents Sun Tzu's timeless instructions regarding military strategy and managing conflict in two forms. The first part contains "The Art of War" in English, without notes or commentary. This allows the reader to understand the teachings of Sun Tzu, without the distraction of footnotes or excessive comments. As translated by Lionel Giles, the text is succinct and very easy to read. The second part contains the complete translation by Lionel Giles, along with his definitive critical commentary. Written during the Victorian era, his "Introduction" gives the reader a chance to share the wonder of discovery which Western scholars experienced when approaching Sun Tzu for the first time. Although written in the 6th century BCE, the teachings of Sun Tzu are still found today in the martial arts, legal doctrine, military schools, management seminars and pervasively throughout popular culture.

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