Tanya and the Magic Wardrobe by Satomi Ichikawa,Patricia Lee Gauch

Tanya and the Magic Wardrobe

by Satomi Ichikawa, Patricia Lee Gauch


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When Tanya and her family go to see Coppelia -- Tanya's first real ballet -- they arrive early. Ushered inside to stay warm, Tanya follows a woman with an arm full of tutus and sneaks off -- BACKSTAGE -- to a room with a giant green wardrobe filled with magical costumes. Once a dancer herself, the old woman delights Tanya, pulling out costume after costume for her to see. And before they know it, they are swept away by their imaginations, whirling together in a pas de deux as the old woman grows younger and younger again as she and Tanya dance Coppelia, the ballet of the doll who comes to life.

In this fifth book in the Tanya series, Patricia Lee Gauch's charming little dancer is as irrepressible as ever, proving that friends and imagination know no boundaries.

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