Tails from the Bark Side by Brian Kilcommons,Sarah Wilson

Tails from the Bark Side

by Brian Kilcommons, Sarah Wilson


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Dogs...they make us laugh, make us cry, and sometimes make us crazy. Now, in a book as warm and wonderful as James Herriot's Yorkshire tales but set in the real world of today's pet owners, America's number one canine experts, Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson, share their adventures in dog training as well as memoirs of their own dogs. From one Siberian Husky puppy trying to make it in the Bahamas to the seven Akitas residing in an Italian villa, you'll meet some unforgettable pooches and learn their owners' pet peeves, including:
-- The Rottweiler who played practical jokes
-- The Poodle whose smile was mistaken for a snarl
-- The Scottish Terrier who went rabbit hunting in a New York City apartment

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