Sugar Busters! for Kids by H. Leighton Steward,Morrison Bethea,Sam Andrews

Sugar Busters! for Kids

by H. Leighton Steward, Morrison Bethea, Sam Andrews


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It's become an epidemic: More than six million American kids are overweight--that's one in five children. Now the authors of the bestselling diet phenomenon Sugar Busters! have given us a plan specifically designed to keep our children fit and healthy. Ice cream, candy bars, sugar-frosted cereals, potato chips, soft drinks. From coast to coast America is flooded with fast food and sweets--and our children are the sugar tide's first victims. Kids learn harmful eating habits from a society that loves snacking and sitting in front of the TV, fat-laden foods and little exercise. The sobering fact is: overweight children are susceptible to the same health problems as overweight adults--including heart disease and diabetes--and the longer a weight problem goes unchecked, the more serious the consequences for a child as he or she matures into adulthood. Yet millions of adults have discovered that by lowering their carbohydrate and sugar intake, they can shed the pounds they failed to lose on other diet plans. Now it's time to help our children lose weight and feel better the Sugar Busters! way. Remember: sugar spikes the production of insulin, which, in large amounts, keeps a child's weight from dropping off, no matter how strictly he or she diets and exercises. Based on sound nutritional principles, Sugar Busters! for Kids is a revolutionary program that shows us how to eliminate sugar from a child's daily menu through easy-to-follow recipes and healthy meal plans . . . all without making kids feel deprived. With Sugar Busters! for Kids you will Determine whether your child is overweight with the Body Mass Index test Learn how to help your child diet with useful parental involvement tips Discover which foods to serve at what time of day for optimal health Rate the glycemic levels of various foods with a handy glycemic index Understand the myths of calories, fats, cholesterol, and weight gain Motivate your children with the charming Rhymes for Kids section With colorful and fun illustrations by Walt Handelsman, Sugar Busters! for Kids is a great book for adults and kids to learn from and enjoy together. The simple to start 14-day Meal Plan will set children on the right track to a lifetime of healthy eating. And as a special incentive, kids who send in a two-week diet journal get a great Sugar Busters! Club Certificate. If your child is overweight or is beginning to display eating habits that concern you, Sugar Busters! for Kids will be an essential tool for you and your family. This book is every parent's little helper in the battle to ensure that your children are healthy and fit--for life.

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