Spiritual Divorce: Divorce as a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life by Neale Donald Walsch,Debbie Ford

Spiritual Divorce: Divorce as a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life

by Neale Donald Walsch, Debbie Ford


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Divorce As A Catalyst For An Extraordinary Life.

Divorce rocks the very foundation of our being, leaving us feeling lonely, flawed, enraged, undesirable, hopeless and empty. In "Spiritual Divorce," bestselling author and workshop leader Debbie Ford reveals how this devastation can be transformed into a profoundly enlightening experience. This empowering guide shows how the collapse of a marriage is, at root, a spiritual wake-up call, an opportunity to liberate ourselves and reclaim our lives. The end of a relationship -- no matter who ends it -- is a damaging moment. Ford offers a clear program for turning ruin into renewal.

Ford provides life-changing tools and exercises as she walks you through her plan for self-discovery. She shares her own powerful story of divorce, weaving it together with inspiring real-life personal accounts to illustrate seven spiritual laws for healing. Understanding and practising these basic laws -- acceptance, surrender, divine guidance, responsibility, choice, forgiveness, and creation -- will help you break through your fears, dissolve your pain and comprehend the deeper meaning of events in your life.

The turmoil of divorce is a priceless opportunity to explore your inner world and accept your entire self. Offering gentle instruction and wisdom from many faiths and traditions, Ford demonstrates how utilising the seven spiritual laws for healing will enable you to make peace with your past, purge toxic emotions and be liberated from old behaviour patterns. Living fully in the present will reconnect you to your divine nature, making new love possible.

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