Slappy New Year! by R. L. Stine

Slappy New Year!

by R. L. Stine


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Ray Gordon is a brave kid. He wants to try out all of the scariest rides at HorrorLand. Unfortunately, his brother, Brandon, is scared of everything--loud noises, roller coasters, and even the wooden dummy named Slappy that Ray gets from Jonathan Chiller's gift shop. There's something not quite right about the evil look on the puppet's face. Ray usually enjoys scaring Brandon but his parents made him promise to stop it, if he wants to have his huge New Year's Eve party. Which is why it is so strange that things keep happening to his younger brother.

But if Ray isn't the one behind these nasty pranks, who could it be? Is it possible that those words he read really did bring Slappy to life?

Start the fall with the sixth book in the newest seven-book HorrorLand arc.

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