Scientific Papers and Presentations by Martha Davis,Davis,Gloria Fry

Scientific Papers and Presentations

by Martha Davis, Davis, Gloria Fry


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From the beginning of their careers and forever after, scientists are called upon to do various kinds of writing and speaking. Communication skills are among the qualities most prized by those who hire and promote scientists. Scientific Papers and Presentations provides a concise guide to writing what must be written: proposals, literature reviews, theses, journal articles, slide presentations, posters, or grants. The author also discusses conventions in writing, proofreading, copywriting, as well as methods for searching and citing scientific literature, composing reviews, preparing data presentations, communicating visually, and public speaking.
No other reference provides guidelines and practical advice for so many forms of communication. Advice-laden appendices include actual examples of papers annotated by the author. Based on the author's fifteen years of experience advising young scientists about scientific writing, the book can be used as a course text for scientific writing, seminar, or scientific presentation courses. It is also a handy and valuable reference for fledgling scientists.
Key Features
* Provides protocols and criteria for a wide range of scientific written and spoken communications
* Presents logical, sensible approaches to communicating with diverse audiences
* Written in a conversational style for easy reading
* Includes guidelines, examples, processes, and answers to questions about theses, proposals, posters, slide presentations, publications, and related issues
* Helps to improve overall communication skills
* Serves as companion handbook to your style manual
* Detailed, annotated appendices provide practical examples and commentary

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