Rosemarie Parse: Theory of Health as Human Becoming by Bunting,Sheila Bunting

Rosemarie Parse: Theory of Health as Human Becoming

by Bunting, Sheila Bunting


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"A well-presented, concise monograph, providing an excellent overview of Parse's theory in easily understood terms." --Choice Concise yet comprehensive, this volume discusses Parse's theory of "human becoming," a theory that conceptualizes nursing as a professional discipline that focuses on the study of the human health experience. According to Parse, this science informs nursing practice with the goal of enhancing the quality of life as defined by those receiving care--the individuals who are the experts on their health, and their lives. Nursing practice, therefore, is the process of relating with clients as they describe the meaning of their world, their struggle with the paradoxes in the health experience, while at the same time they discover and make happen their hopes and dreams. This monograph provides an overview of Parse's beliefs and theoretical constructs, (which are based on phenomenology); provides examples for application to practice and research, a bibliography of classic works, critiques, and a glossary of terms. Provocative and interesting, this thorough and accessible book will be of great interest to all students and professionals of nursing.

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