Romantic Jealousy: Causes, Symptoms, Cures by Ayala M. Pines,Ayala Malakh-Pines,Mal Pines Ayala

Romantic Jealousy: Causes, Symptoms, Cures

by Ayala M. Pines, Ayala Malakh-Pines, Mal Pines Ayala


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What causes jealousy? Who is more prone to jealousy--women or men? Why does jealousy sometimes lead to violence? How can you tell if you are a jealous person?
Dr. Pines draws on case studies from her clinical practice, jealousy workshops, and fascinating research with more than 100 individuals and couples--including interviews with people who have committed crimes of passion. Exploring the many facets of this complex emotion, Dr. Pines discusses five psychological approaches to jealousy--covering such issues as whether jealousy is the result of unresolved childhood trauma, the dynamics within a specific relationship, or the consequence of our evolutionary nature.
"Romantic Jealousy" offers real-life stories, simple quizzes, and an in-depth jealousy questionnaire aimed at helping readers assess their predisposition to jealousy and providing strategies to control their jealous urges. The advice offered can be applied to gay and straight couples, to those who suffer from a jealousy problem or know of a loved one who does, and for psychologists and counselors to use with their clients as a tool in therapy.
"Romantic Jealousy" provides us with a compelling account of the psychology of jealousy. Dr. Pines journeys into the deep recesses of the human mind and heart, exposing the dynamics of jealousy--its causes, symptoms, and danger signs--and the most effective strategies available for keeping jealousy under control.

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