Recess at 20 Below by Cindy Aillaud

Recess at 20 Below

by Cindy Aillaud


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The temperature outside is 20 below zero. Is school cancelled? Nope. How about recess outside? No way! Learn from the kids point of view about what it is like playing during recess when it is really cold,,, how it sounds outside, how it tastes outside, how it looks, and even how it smells when the therometer says it's 20 below. What happens when you put on layer after layer of clothing to avoid frostbite and then hit the playground? Did you see the tiny ice crystals in the air and hear your boots make a loud crunch, crunch, crunch sound when you walked? Pictures and words in 32 pages make have made this book popular all over North America because all the kids want to know what happens at 20 below zero

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