Pressing Hard by Stephanie Perry Moore

Pressing Hard

by Stephanie Perry Moore


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Pressing Hard Book 2 Perry Skky Jr.'s about to discover that temptation can be very hard to resist. . . Perry Skky Jr. has his whole life ahead of him--and so does his boy, Damarius. Which is why he can't understand why Damarius is wasting his time with weed. But then one night Perry is tempted into having a few drinks too many--and suddenly he's the one caught in a very compromising position. Worried about the consequences, he admits his mistake and turns his attention to the beautiful Savoy. The only problem is that there are quite a few people who'd like to keep Perry and Savoy apart--including Tori, Perry's ex-girlfriend. Perry thinks he can take the heat--until tragedy strikes his close-knit circle of friends. And suddenly he finds himself rethinking everything. Everything, that is, except his faith. Because when things fall apart, Perry knows the only way to come out strong is to rely on his relationship with God. But is he strong enough to do what's right? Includes a guide on how to start your own book club!

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