Oishinbo: Izakaya: Pub Food: a la Carte by Tetsu Kariya,Akira Hanasaki

Oishinbo: Izakaya: Pub Food: a la Carte

by Tetsu Kariya, Akira Hanasaki


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A quest for the ultimate menu R to L (Japanese Style). "Izakaya--Pub Food""Izakaya" occupy the same vital space in the Japanese culinary landscape as tapas bars in Spain or tavernas in Greece. Unpretentious, frequently boisterous, they're places to meet with friends or business partners to unwind over drinks and small dishes that range from hearty standards to refined innovations. In this volume of Oishinbo, Yamaoka and Kurita investigate classic izakaya foods such as edamame and yakitori, devise new dishes to add to the menu of an old shop, and discover how the concept of "play" is essential to the enjoyment of food. As part of the celebrations for its 100th anniversary, the publishers of the "TMzai News" have commissioned the creation of the "Ultimate Menu," a model meal embodying the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine. This all-important task has been entrusted to journalist Yamaoka ShirM, an inveterate cynic who possesses no initiative--but also an incredibly refined palate and an encyclopedic knowledge of food. Each volume of "Oishinbo" follows Yamaoka and his colleagues through another adventure on their quest for the Ultimate Menu. Now, the highlights from the hundred-plus volume series have been selected and compiled into "A la Carte" editions: bite-sized chunks of story arranged by subject that add up to a full-course manga meal

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