Nothing but Trouble by Jacqueline Davies

Nothing but Trouble

by Jacqueline Davies



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From the acclaimed author ofThe Lemonade Warcomes a new series starring two smart girls determined to liven up their town one epic prank at a time.Odawahaka has always been too small for Maggie s big scientific ideas. Between her stuck-in-a-rut mom, her grumpy grandpop, and the lifetime supply of sludgy soda in the fridge, it s hard for Maggie to imagine a change.But when Lena moves in with her creative spirit and outrageous perspective, middle school takes off with a bang. Someone starts pulling the kind of pranks that send their rule-loving new principal into an uproar complete with purple puffs of smoke, parachuting mice, and a scavenger hunt that leads to secret passageways. Suddenly the same-old football games, election for class president, and embarrassing stories feel almost exciting. And for the first time in her life, Maggie begins to wonder if there might be more to Odawahaka than she ever saw coming Humorous, smart, and full of small-town heart, Nothing But Troublewill have mischief-loving readers caught up in the cleverness and determination of two girls who can t be held down.

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