Never Now Always by Desirina Boskovich

Never Now Always

by Desirina Boskovich



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Words. Memory. Identity. They came. And they took away our story. And they rewrote everything: all minds, all lives, all history. Everyone forgot.But in this now, Lolo must reclaim her stolen words--her stolen family--from the silent Caretakers. She must call out to all rapt children, "This world is hell. Let's run." When the words needed are forgotten, lying unknown, when memories flit like smoke, how can she recover what is lost? She must. To live in this nightmare without a story would be too much to bear.NEVER NOW ALWAYS is a world where memory and family aren't taken for granted--even if they're only dreams. It explores how the stories we tell about ourselves shape us and those around us. It's a weird sci-fi search for meaning, an apocalyptic murder mystery, a chilling look at the thin line between memory and dream, and it's the drive to find family. It's a twisting mix of The Wizard of Oz, Dark City, and Jacob's Ladder.

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