Modern Processing Packaging & Dist by Paine,Frank A. Paine

Modern Processing Packaging & Dist

by Paine, Frank A. Paine


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The progress that has been made over the last decade in the preparation, development, processing, and marketing of food has to a large extent been made possible by innovations and developments in the ways that thermo plastics, in conjunction with paper, metal foils, adhesives and other materials, have been combined and formed into the appropriate configurations to provide the properties required. Much has been said, written and published about retort pouches, modified atmosphere packaging and aseptic preservation processes, and even more about the newer methods of distribution and retailing of all kinds of food. However, all of this material needed to be digested, condensed into a logical framework and appraised, and possible further developments considered. In many instances, the original research and development was carried out in conjunction with one or more of the research organisations in membership with IAPRI, the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes, and it was felt that a book which attempted to provide a review of the more important developments would be useful to practitioner and student alike."

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