Middle of Nowhere by Ridley Pearson

Middle of Nowhere

by Ridley Pearson


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The "Blue Flu" has struck the Seattle Police Force, and a majority of the officers are on an unofficial strike. Overworked and understaffed, Detective Lou Boldt is committed to remaining on the job. But when a string of robberies and the brutal near-murder of a female cop descend on the city, the pressure of being a nearly one-man operation threatens Boldt's psyche and his marriage.

With the help of police psychologist Daphne Matthews and Sergeant John LaMoia, Boldt is able to make slow progress cracking the case, and their work leads them to a Denver convict and his brother, a hardened criminal with a record. As things spin out of control, Boldt's worst fears are confirmed when he refuses to drop the investigation, and it's clear his life is in danger because of it. Boldt and Daphne come to realize that the robberies, assaults, and strike are somehow all connected.

Filled with fast-paced, spiraling action, Middle of Nowhere is certain to win Ridley Pearson an even greater audience.

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