Mealtime by Elizabeth Verdick,Marieka Heinlen


by Elizabeth Verdick, Marieka Heinlen


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Mealtime--"Yummy-in-the-tummy time"--is an opportunity to teach young children two major life skills: nutrition and table manners. Simple but important mealtime routines come to life as the toddlers in this book remember to wash their hands, use a napkin and fork or spoon, stay at the table, and eat healthy foods. Toddlers also learn the one big rule for mealtime: Always try one bite ("You just might like it "). Parents and caregivers want toddlers to develop healthy eating habits and positive mealtime routines. This book helps them do so with Verdick's keen ability to speak directly to little ones and Heinlen's delightful, appealing illustrations. Part of the award-winning Toddler Tools series.

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