Marsupial Sue [With CD] by Jack E. Davis,John Lithgow

Marsupial Sue [With CD]

by Jack E. Davis, John Lithgow


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"If you're a Kangaroo

through and through,

Just do what Kangaroos do."

Young Sue really doesn't like being a kangaroo, so she goes off to find something better. First she tries climbing the trees like a koala, but that doesn't work. Then she wades into the sea like a platypus, but that's no good either. Finally, Sue joins up with some bouncy, jouncy wallabies...and discovers that being a kangaroo isn't so bad, after all.

Using a jaunty waltz rhythm, actor, comedian, and best-selling author John Lithgow reassures children that they can be happy with who they are.

For listening or singing along, a CD of a John Lithgow performance of "Marsupial Sue" and an instrumental version is included with this book, as is the score of the song.

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