Leave a Well in the Valley by Dale Peterson

Leave a Well in the Valley

by Dale Peterson


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All of us will face trials in our lives. Every one of us will experience trouble-physical and spiritual-and the reality of the pain will seem more than we can bear. It is not what happens in your life that measures who you are, but how you respond to what happens to you. God prepares deep valleys for some of us to walk through in order to touch many lives with His love and grace. My dearest and best friend of nearly forty years, Dale Peterson, has endured more trouble and walked through deeper valleys than anyone I know. Instead of allowing his troubles to destroy him, he dug wells in his valleys that would not only refresh him but also water the lives of those his life touches. This book will encourage you and show you how it is possible for a man to live through difficult times with great integrity and to use the lessons that God taught him to refresh the lives of others. I recommend this book not only because Dale is my friend, but because of what I have seen in his life, I want in my own. Dave Brown-Pastor, First Baptist Church East Longmeadow, MA

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