Kitchen Cooks, Plate Twirlers & Troubadours by George,Diana George,Diana Hume George

Kitchen Cooks, Plate Twirlers & Troubadours

by George, Diana George, Diana Hume George


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Writing program administration requires a much greater multiplicity of tasks and interactions than other academic positions. To succeed, even to survive, administrators have to draw on everything they know, and they have to do so unexpectedly, at top speed, for high stakeshigher than just their own professional well-being.

Like many good stories, this collection opens with origins. In Part I, the writers tell of personal histories that intersect with their professional lives and that help them define the job of writing program administrator. Part II presents the writing program within the context of institutional realitiesfirst-year student orientation, TA rebellions, expected but unfunded programs. In Part III, these WPAs tell of projects that are interdisciplinary, of programs developed over time and in the spirit of collaboration, and of the changing demands that technology is placing on writing instruction. The collection closes with an essay on the importance of mentoring in our profession.

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