Indonesia: A Global Studies Handbook by Florence Lamoureux,Lucien Ellington

Indonesia: A Global Studies Handbook

by Florence Lamoureux, Lucien Ellington


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"East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet." Rudyard Kipling obviously didn't have Global Studies: Asia by his side. Offering concise yet thorough historical and contemporary surveys of East and South Asia's critical countries, this series takes the mystery out of the mysterious east. Wondering about Hindu nationalism in India, the economic slump in Japan, tensions on the Korean peninsula? Global Studies: Asia provides answers. Here, in single volume titles devoted to key nations and regions, is everything students, travelers, or businesspeople need to know about East and South Asia--past, present, and future. A unique mix of narrative chapters, chronology, organization directories, glossary, and a "mini-pedia" of key people, places, and events makes researching Asia's complex societies quick and easy. Page for page and chapter for chapter, the books of Global Studies: Asia offer more information, more insights, more resources than any other books on this critical region.

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