Hurricane Punch by Tim Dorsey

Hurricane Punch

by Tim Dorsey


Categories: Mystery Books & Thrillers

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That lovable, "under"-undermedicated dispenser of truth, justice, and trivia is back with a vengeance--just as his cherished home state is about to take a beating from a conga line of hurricanes bearing down on the peninsula. But as Serge and his burnout buddy Coleman go storm-chasing, bodies begin turning up at a disturbing rate, even by Florida standards. It looks like a serial killer is on the loose--"another" serial killer--which highly offends Serge's moral sensibilities. And he vows he'll stop at nothing to unmask his thrill-killing rival and make All Things Right--though Coleman's triathlete approach to the sport of polyabuse binging threatens to derail the mission more completely than the entire combined Sunshine State police community could ever hope to.

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