Hunter's Moon by Meg Cabot,Jinky Coronado,Larry Tuazon

Hunter's Moon

by Meg Cabot, Jinky Coronado, Larry Tuazon


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The exciting conclusion to Meg Cabot's magical Arthurian manga

Ellie has only one day left to get her boyfriend Will to "truly" believe he's the reincarnation of King Arthur, or the world will plunge into eternal darkness. But Will refuses to believe her Meanwhile, the upcoming Homecoming game and dance have everyone distracted, especially Ellie. Some people aren't too happy about her Homecoming Queen nomination and are determined to cause trouble. Ellie's got to save her reputation "and" the world before the new moon on the night of Homecoming brings them all to a dangerous crossroad. If Ellie can't convince Will of his destiny, the world may never recover. . . .

This manga series of Arthurian legend and high school romance comes to a thrilling climax in this final volume. And just remember--anything can happen if you believe

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