How to Be the Almost Perfect Husband: By Wives Who Know by J. S. Salt

How to Be the Almost Perfect Husband: By Wives Who Know

by J. S. Salt


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What can a husband do to improve his wife's life?" That's the question J. S. Salt asked more than a thousand wives ages 19-78. It's a simple question, yet the answers promise to do more for man/woman relations than chocolates, flowers and all the sweet nothings a man can muster. Honest, revealing, wise and funny, the answers are compiled in this priceless collection. This guide instructs, amuses and provokes as it finally answers the question that has dumbfounded men since Adam bit the apple: "What does a woman want?" Wives tell all:
-- What to do when your wife is stressed
-- How to get what you want without raising your voice
-- What to do before you blow up
-- How great sex really begins
-- What to do daily and what to do weekly
-- The one thing you must never do on Valentine's Day -- and more

This delightful -- yet telling -- glimpse into what women are Really thinking is a catalyst for better behavior and, then, better relationships. At last, husbands can get a clue. And it just might save a marriage or two.

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