Historia de La Iglesia Cristiana by Jesse L. Hurlbut,Miguel Narro

Historia de La Iglesia Cristiana

by Jesse L. Hurlbut, Miguel Narro


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No other institution has spanned more centuries and more continents than the Christian church. Its dramatic story is one of bloodshed and peace, corruption and poverty. Here Dr. Hurlbut retells the story in an objective, concise, and clear style, emphasizing the spirit of the church, its growth and maturity, and the causes leading to historic events and their resulting influence. Accurate, up-to-date, and vividly presented, Hurlbut's 'Story of the Christian Church' traces the six general periods of church history from A.D. 30 to the present time. In this revised edition prepared after Dr. Hurlbut's death, an additional concluding section covers the years from the time of the author's death to the present, thus providing the reader with a comprehensive and easy to understand overview of the Christian church. Designed for two audiences, this book contains outlines and references in the margins to aid the student or teacher along with a continuous narrative and numerous illustrations for the general reader. It is ideal for use in Sunday school classes, because suggested outlines and review questions for each chapter are included at the end of the book.

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