Himalayan Quest: Ed Viesturs on the 8,000-Meter Giants by Ed Viesturs,David Breashears,Peter Potterfield

Himalayan Quest: Ed Viesturs on the 8,000-Meter Giants

by Ed Viesturs, David Breashears, Peter Potterfield


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"Himalayan Quest offers an unforgettable glimpse into the remarkable world of Ed Viesturs, America' s best-known high altitude climber, and the breathtaking landscape in which he works. It is an unparalleled showcase of both the heartbreaking tragedy and the ineffable joy Viesturs has experienced while striving at the limits of human endurance. Written with Peter Potterfield, an award-winning mountaineering journalist, Viesturs narrates his quest to climb the 14 highest mountains in the world--those peaks above 8,000 meters in height. To date, Viesturs has succeeded in summiting 12 of the peaks, including five separate ascents of Mount Everest. For these ascents he has been profiled in "Outside and "Sports Illustrated, People, Newsweek, the "New York Times Sunday Magazine, and has appeared on NBC' s "Today. As a spokesman for Microsoft, he is often positioned at the top of the company's Web site.

At the center of this extraordinary account of his mountaineering adventures are Viesturs' s own awe-inspiring photographs from the top of the world. This collection of images will show readers, like never before, the deadly beauty and haunting menace of the Himalaya. A unique, inspiring, and spine-tingling glimpse into the rarified world of the extreme climber, "Himalayan Quest will appeal not only to Viesturs's significant fan base (fondly known as Edophiles or Edheads), but to outdoor aficionados and armchair adventurers everywhere.

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