Guinea Pigs by Immanuel Birmelin,Oliver Giel

Guinea Pigs

by Immanuel Birmelin, Oliver Giel


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Here is information and advice on keeping healthy guinea pigs as household pets. The author discusses feeding, breeding, caging, health care, and much more. Barronas extensive line of "Complete Pet Owneras Manuals" presents information for non-specialist animal owners and prospective owners, with facts about each animalas origins and traits, as well as advice on purchasing, housing, feeding, health care, and much more. Each book is individually written by a trainer, breeder, veterinarian, or other animal specialist. Titles in this series cover every popular breed of dog and cat, freshwater and marine fish, many bird varieties, and virtually all other animals that are kept as pets. All books are filled with handsome color photos and instructive line illustrations.

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