Gifts Kids Can Make by Sheila McGraw

Gifts Kids Can Make

by Sheila McGraw


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Here's an easy book of enjoyable crafts projects for kids -- all with the aim of making a valued gift for someone important.

Step-by-step simple instructions show how to make high quality toys, ornaments, dolls, jewelry, pet toys and decorative items for all occasions. All of the gifts are made from easy-to-find materials that you probably have around the house: make a bunny from a facecloth, a hobby horse from a work sock, ornaments from spices and fruit, jewelry from magazine pages, a basket from a piece of rope and some cloth strips -- and much, much more.

When the gift is finished, wrap it with lively, inventive gift wrapping in the form of bags, boxes, card and bows that are made from both new and recycled materials -- all featured in the "Wrap It Up" section.

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