Flip Flop Fly Ball by Craig Robinson,Rob Neyer

Flip Flop Fly Ball

by Craig Robinson, Rob Neyer


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How many miles does a baseball team travel in one season?How tall would A-Rod's annual salary be in pennies?What does Nolan Ryan have to do with Mariah Carey and the Supremes? You might never have asked yourself any of these questions, but Craig Robinson will make you glad to know the answers. Baseball, almost from the first moment Robinson saw it, was more than a sport. It was history, a nearly infinite stream of information that begged to be organized. He realized that understanding the game, which he fell in love with as an adult (He's English, you see), would never be possible just through watching games and reading articles. He turned his obsession with the game into a dizzyingly fun collection of graphics, which turned into an Internet sensation.Out of that site grew this book, full of all-new graphics never before seen. "Flip Flop Flyball "is a riotous journey through baseball, with a delightfully quirky tour guide. The game's history, its teams and players, its cities and ballparks, all come to life through artfully designed graphics. Statistics-the sport's lingua franca-have never been more fun. (By the way, the answers: about 26,000 miles, at least if the team in question is the 2008 Kansas City Royals; 3,178 miles; they were the artists atop the Billboard Hot 100 when Ryan first and last appeared in MLB games.)

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