Faithfulness and Holiness: The Witness of J. C. Ryle by J. I. Packer

Faithfulness and Holiness: The Witness of J. C. Ryle

by J. I. Packer


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J. I. Packer's tribute to J. C. Ryle details theservice of this faithful, nineteenth-century minister and ispublished alongside Ryle's classic essayHoliness.

As eldest son and heir to a fortune, John Charles Ryle had ahopeful future in Britain's Parliament until the day hisfather declared bankruptcy. In a single moment he was stripped ofeverything. Ryle was devastated.

And yet, had this not happened, J. C. Ryle would likely not haveentered the clergy and become one of the most influentialevangelical leaders of the nineteenth century. From his ministryRyle went on to publish many important works and vigorously defendthe purity of Reformed faith. Most significantly, Ryle'spersonal tragedy led to a steadfast faithfulness and holiness inhis life.

Presented here is a newly repackaged and republished edition ofJ. I. Packer's brief biography of the life of J. C. Rylealongside the great preacher's classic workHoliness. Admiring Ryle's passion for God'sWord, Packer aims to open up the life of this godly man for acontemporary audience. Readers new to Ryle's work willespecially benefit from a first encounter with his essay onholiness.

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