Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook: How Intentional Activity Can Make the Spiritual Stuff Stick by Youth Specialties,John Losey

Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook: How Intentional Activity Can Make the Spiritual Stuff Stick

by Youth Specialties, John Losey


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"Great youth ministry doesn't happen by accident--and author John Losey knows it. In his book, Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook, Losey inspires us to use a combination of theory, action, and reflection so our students can learn in dynamic, new ways. A large portion of this gimmick-free resource is devoted to practical exercises and templates youth workers can tailor to their own groups. Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook belongs in the library of every serious youth worker."--Doug Fields, youth pastor for Saddleback Church: author of Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry(TM) and Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry Ever wish youth group fun and games could accomplish more than burning off students' high-octane energy?It can--if you have the right tools at your disposal. And your number-one tool is Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook. This innovative resource offers a ton of intentional activities with a purpose, specific program sequences, and adaptable templates for making games resonate with your students' minds and hearts.Plus, author John Losey unpacks why the right approaches to intentional activity will make the spiritual stuff stick--as well as how it can work for you. His suggestions and formats for everything from midweek meetings and small groups, full-day events, mission trips, retreats and camps, internships, games, and more will make a believer out of you. Whether you're a youth worker, camp counselor, small-group leader, or anyone charged with helping students connect with God, the Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook is your bridge to making active programming rewarding and faith building."Have known John for more than 20 years, it's been a privilege to watch him inaction. And I'm thrilled that through his Experiential Youth Ministry Handbook many will benefit from his practical wisdom and insight that's touched the hearts of kids and adults through the years in very significant, meaningful ways. You will be pleased with this book's easy-to-use format and these creative, hands-on activities."--Stan White, executive director, Alpine Camp and Conference Center, Blue Jay, California"Youth ministry must be about 'learning the sticks'--shaping a life forever. In John Losey's book you'll find well-articulated theory, practical activities, and understanding that will improve your role in 'life shaping.' "--Bob Kobielush, president, Christian Camping International/USA

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