Ecological Gardening: Your Path to a Healthy Garden by Hopkins Harris,Marjorie Harris

Ecological Gardening: Your Path to a Healthy Garden

by Hopkins Harris, Marjorie Harris


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In her witty and accessible style, Marjorie Harris--who has been an organic gardener since the 1960s--encourages the Canadian gardener to garden gently. First published in 1992, this popular guide updates Harris's organic gardening experience:
Compost: Everything you need to know, from composting to worms to building your own double-bin composter.
Soil: Learn how to maintain and improve soil without the use of chemicals.
Bugs: How to eliminate the bad bugs without the use of pesticides and help the good bugs to their job in your garden.
Plant Companions: How to make the most of your plants by using the old-fashioned and powerful technique of companion planting.
Xeriscaping: Plant a water-efficient garden and help conserve this natural resource.
Organic Products: Harris gives the concerned gardener a quick lesson in label reading for "green" and "organic" products."Ecological Gardening" helps Canadian gardeners to create beautiful and healthy gardens while working in harmony with the environment.

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