Demolition Angel by Robert Crais

Demolition Angel

by Robert Crais


Categories: Mystery Books & Thrillers

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-"The Wall Street Journal"
"CRAIS IS AT THE TOP OF HIS GAME, and "Demolition Angel" delivers the goods. With a bang. . . . It's "Silence of the Lambs" meets "Speed" as down-on-her-luck former bomb-squad ace Carol Starkey plays cat-and-mouse with a serial bomber. . . . Crais knows how to press all the right buttons in keeping the story line taut and the action, well, explosive."
"-San Francisco Chronicle
"GRIPPING . . . CRAIS PILES ON PLOT TWISTS . . . gathering the separate threads at the end and igniting them like a string of fireworks."
"A POWERFUL, SELF-CONTAINED NOVEL OF SUSPENSE that has the compactness, velocity, and effectiveness of a well-aimed bullet . . . This is a thriller that works on every level, a pivotal work from a crime novelist operating at the top of his game."
"-Los Angeles Times
"FASCINATING AND FRIGHTENINGLY BELIEVABLE . . . Starkey is one of the toughest characters to grace the crowded field of thriller books in a long time."
"-USA Today

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