Complete Idiot's Guide to Calculus: 6 by W. Michael Kelley

Complete Idiot's Guide to Calculus: 6

by W. Michael Kelley


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The only tutor struggling calculus students will ever need

-- More students are now required to take calculus in college than ever before; yet many find their textbooks and teachers to be incomprehensible.

-- This book differs from the majority of calculus books in that it is not aimed at the advanced placement audience. Rather, it is aimed at those who actually need to learn calculus in order to pass the class they are in or are about to take.

According to figures released by ACT Inc., many more U.S. high school students are taking courses in mathematics than was the case a decade ago. In fact, the portion of college-bound students taking calculus increased from 16 percent in 1987 to 27 percent in 2000. Let's face it, most students and adults who take calculus do so not for the fun of it, but rather to advance within a job or fulfill a degree requirement. The Complete Idiot's Guide "RM" to Calculus will take the sting out of this complex math by putting it's uses, functions and limitations in perspective of what is already familiar to readers-algebra. Once readers have brushed up on their algebra and trigonometry skills, they'll be eased into the fundamentals of calculus.

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