Coastal Style: Home Decorating Ideas Ispired by Seaside Living by Sally Hayden,Alice Whately

Coastal Style: Home Decorating Ideas Ispired by Seaside Living

by Sally Hayden, Alice Whately


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Coastal Style is a magnificent celebration of simple shoreside life. Featuring hundreds of fabulous photographs of homes around the world, it covers all aspects of decorative seaside style--from the creation of light and breezy rooms to the selection of simple furniture and furnishings that echo the natural beauty of the surf and sand. Also featured are tips on the best fabrics to use--from nautical stripes to cool cotton canvas--and advice on coastal colors, from shades of oyster gray to bold splashes of aquamarine. Whatever type of home you have, from a high-rise apartment to a getaway in the country, you cancreate a beachy feel. Simply follow Sally Hayden and Alice Whately's room-by-room guide to seaside chic, and you will discover how to make tranquil living areas, balmy bedrooms, and shipshape kitchens. Cool understatement is key--and this extends to marine-inspired bathrooms and outdoor living areas that celebrate the lazy elegance of sun-warmed decks and the pleasure of cooking and eating al fresco.* Fabulous photographs by Paul Massey.* Hundreds of photographs provide inspiration for coastal style,whatever type of home you have.

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