Becoming a Writer by John Gardner,Dorothea Brande

Becoming a Writer

by John Gardner, Dorothea Brande


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A reissue of a classic work originally published in 1934 on writing and the creative process, Becoming a Writer recaptures the excitement of Dorothea Brande's creative-writing classroom of the 1920s. Decades before brain research "discovered" the particular roles of the right and left sides of the brain in human endeavor, Brande was teaching students how to see again, how to hold their minds still, how to call forth the inner writer. She had novice writers note the effects of everything in their environment on their writing. She showed them how to harness the unconscious, how to fall into "artistic coma," then how to reemerge and be their own critics. Becoming a Writer is Brande's legacy to all those who have ever wanted to express their ideas in written form. A sound, practical, inspirational, and charming approach to writing, it fulfills on the expectation in her introduction: "This book, I believe, will be unique... I think there is such magic and that it is teachable. This book is all about the writer's magic." Book jacket.

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