Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan has been reading authors’ bios for years, and often dreamed of having his own Web site as a published Harlequin author. Years passed, and his dream of being published finally became a reality in 2003 when he received the call just two days before Christmas. In November 2005, his debut novel, Capture the Sunrise, was released by BET/Arabesque as part of a special 2-in-1 volume entitled Slow Motion, along with prolific author Devon Vaughn Archer.

Along with his career as a published author, Wayne is a high school teacher of literature, language arts and theatre arts. He’s a graduate of the University of the West Indies, and holds a B.A. in literature in linguistics and an M.A. in applied linguistics.

Wayne lives on the beautiful tropical island of Barbados, which with its white sands and golden sunshine is the perfect setting for the romance stories he loves to create.

Wayne loves reading and his favorite authors are Brenda Jackson, Maureen Smith, Lindsay McKenna, Tami Hoag, William Bernhardt, Nora Roberts, Tami Hoag, Catherine Mann, Delores Fossen, Julie Miller.

A member of NINC, RWA, the Multicultural Chapter. Wayne is represented by Cheryl Ferguson of the Ferguson Literary Agency.

Wayne is the host of the Kimani area of the eharlequin.com community and shares duties with another host in the Simply Series area.

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